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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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and once you see that you have to wonder who is going to use those technologies next it's not if this isn't all just about julian a songe and it's actually a movement that's been developing for decades and it seems inevitable that it's going to keep evolving and then we're going to have another wiki leaks and another manning and maybe another songe you traveled around the world to understand the ins and outs of the hacking community you were tracking cypherpunks and you also spoke to members of other groups such as anonymous paranoia and open leaks well in two thousand and ten actually before i even spoke with a songe there was a kind of mutiny within the wiki leaks where one engineer known as the architects who is a very secretive guy who actually rebuilt the wiki leaks anonymous mission system and is known as is described has been described to me by other with he has as a as a genius as a brilliant arc engineer he kind of led this revolt within wiki leaks against the
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sondra who these sort of oppose his managerial style and his his strategy in terms of what documents to release when that is what they saw i suppose as a kind of. you know focus on the media spotlight rather than the most important for me and so. the german person for what he was burke left to create their own group called openly sens eventually in two thousand and eleven i had a chance to sit down with the architect would never spoken with that reporter before and hear his story of his time the wiki leaks why he left and what open leaks is trying to do and what is openly trying to do will open one and wants to create one and says that they want to create a more transparent more better engineered sort of cleaner more systematized version of wiki leaks and also one that would avoid wiki leaks pitfall of becoming this controversial for you know of of that it that it became after a published all these secret documents of leaks you know sort of became the
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flashpoint for this battle for internet freedom and open leaks would rather kind of see behind the scenes pass the information directly to the media and not publish anything itself and thereby you know the plan was that the architect and. described to me too to avoid becoming that controversial targets for the governments and for the private sector to attack to shut them down so the deal was to create a wiki leaks that had all of the sort of explosive power of granting anonymity to sources but avoided the controversy of publication and just gave the documents directly to the media i think the reason that we haven't seen anything come from open leaks is really just speaks to the lack of credibility that the group has after the split that the you know the rupture between open leaks and wiki leaks in the in the process of of diverging i think both of them discredited the other and
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did more damage to each other than any intelligence agency or government could ever do as the list of these whistle blowing slash hacking groups widens or gets longer how can the government at least of the u.s. counter. act the trouble in the damage that these groups can cause well first of all as you say this is a completely global movement and i did spend time with a group called balkan leagues in bulgaria that has very successfully replicated what we did using the same software in a lot of the same methods and they did obtain secret documents from the bulgarian government from from anonymous sources so this is something that has been replicated around the world in the u.s. we definitely. i think we haven't seen the other wiki leaks the organization successfully. rebuild that system but i think part of that is is as you say a backlash from the government that. the obama administration has prosecuted six
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leakers under the espionage act more than any other presidency combined so you know absolutely there is a there is this a new war on leakers or whistleblowers you want to call them in july the head of the u.s. national security agency travel to las vegas to attend and speak at a hackers conference called def con this was the first time that the n.s.a. chief ever attended this conference since it began two decades ago you were there you heard him speak what did you think of his speech and why do you think the head of the n.s.a. finally decided to attend this conference when i was there i was kind of struck by the fact that this guy who who used to represent for the hacker community the enemy you know the n.s.a. has long been sort of seen as the bogeyman for hackers the you know the
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government's. hacker and here he was sort of in the belly of the beast there was a really bizarre situation then and he was very warmly received so that was the strangest thing of all there were there were no eggs tossed on him or what have they really weren't i mean critical questions even from this. audience of hundreds of you know somewhat subversive hackers but i think what the showed to me was a kind of what was how the american hacker community has evolved that it's become if it ever was political it's not political anymore the mainstream the mainstream cybersecurity world in the us which is very much about government contracts and start ups and making money and you know getting those beltway deals has subsumes what might have once been a very you know radical subversive community and i think it's no coincidence that to track down the future of wiki leaks i had to travel to europe where i believe
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that there is a much more vibrant politically radical hacker movements like the one that i was telling about the case communication came from berlin the chaos computer club which runs that events has maintained a separation i think from the military industrial complex that the american hackers have and there's been a slow co-opting of american american hacker community by the government i believe how is that happening well i just think that's where the money is so they're offering hackers that are offering jobs in the house alluding that's what i wrote a story a couple months ago about classified ads that explicitly say we're looking for hackers who can build malware you can you know write exploits and i don't think that i mean in some cases that might be writing exploits to tests defense systems but we know that the u.s.
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also created stuxnet this piece of malware that was used to shut down uranium enrichment facilities in iran so. it's it seems clear that some of the best american hackers have been co-opted by the u.s. government for better or for worse what do you think motivates groups like wiki leaks and on a mess. paranoia open makes what do you think that the majority of the motivations when i met with this andrae i believe i the sense i got from him was that he truly believes that wiki leaks is a kind of engine of justice that it's releasing all this information that in fact leaks themselves. the easier it becomes to leak information the more the more punishment is levied against immoral organizations and the more of them the more that you know benevolent organizations are rewarded he wrote this in season two thousand and six that he he saw as a very efficient way of of sifting out of the moral and immoral players and society
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i of course has also made it motivated by his ego but i think if we if we have some kind of spectrum where. you know one side is just creating chaos and the the fun of watching stuff burn and tearing down institutions and the other side is there is a true ideology of trying to advance the justice in the world then i think it's onto somewhere in the middle and some somebody like. a group like anonymous is much further towards the chaos side and i think that anonymous is a group that lacks of i mean they would they would say that they lack a kind of coherent ideology they just do whatever their members feel like doing at the time and often that's tearing stuff apart for the walls what do you hope that readers get from your book well i you know i think we were all shocked by for i was shocked by collateral murder when it appeared in april of two thousand and ten and to me it seemed to come out of nowhere you know i think that the media as
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a whole has treated this the wiki leaks phenomenon as a kind of one off strange kind of miracle or disaster whatever you want to call it and so i wanted to explore i want to explain where this came from but in the process i think that. showing the history of this movement. reveals that the way the information is changing as a whole and that there can be no more shared secrets that the whole idea of secrecy among a crowd is is falling apart and we think we saw this most recently with this with the romney appearance where he was speaking what to what he thought was a private crowd in his home private but but the idea of a private crowds is now an oxymoron you there's always someone within the crowd ready to record and leak the information so i think we live in an era where secrecy is being redefined and that's something i just want to share with the world and finally if you could just tell me
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a little bit about your last conversation facade from what i understand it was his assistant that called you on the telephone right well i was walking down fifth avenue and i i got this call from his assistant and who put him on the phone and he really just wanted to yell at me about a story i had written about about. one of the founders of open leaks who had left wiki leaks and he told me. that basically had stolen his ideas and that i should stop giving credit to the organization and you know that sounds like a pistol and. it is but at the same time you know he was right that open leaks has not actually succeeded to do even a fraction of what wiki leaks has done so you know to us i just credit he remains the figurehead of this movement's who you know has never been equals for better or for worse andy greenberg thanks very much for your time thank you.
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too much right and if you need to move from phones to. nice for instance on t.v. don't come. visit stories in our c s three s reception for chancellor angela merkel during her visit to greece with tens of thousands of protesters pointing to her as the source of that economic misery. israeli prime minister netanyahu appears to go all out for reelection as he dissolves parliament and also does this not pull at the peak of his popularity sizing bunch of bickering. branding and image as pursue rise appeal that sentence many question whether the punk band wants to be released or if it's just another publicity stunt. as the headlines for you time now for a sports update with iran. hello
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and welcome and this is fourth with me wrong calls for event here is what's coming up. alex ovechkin scores one of his trade more goals to help the muscovites to an away win in prague. road to rio rochelle hold their training session ahead of friday's crucial twenty fourteen world cup or the far with forty goal here in moscow. and are off today the world's top two goal first tiger woods in a rory mcilroy both lose their opening matches at the world gold in turkey. but let's start with a k h l where alex ovechkin has led to double moscow to the top of the western conference with a narrow one zero victory over in front of over sixteen thousand spectators in prague which is a new k.h.
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all record now with both teams sitting high. in the standings it was their russian side that headed into that game in a perfect mood after winning five in a row on the other side were looking to improve their three defeats in the last five and this buildup turned into a really close match for both teams one n.h.l. captains down at carra inspiring the hosts another alexander the great's and the spearheading the visitors and it was the latter the conventional game as he carried the pot through all the echelons of the defense to push the muscovites to the top of their. common just player. so as said before you'll be chosen if you'll call him a boy and you know we have a good cause which system and the most important thing in this team is the champs you know and to play at no cost and win the games like that. meanwhile it's two more games were held on choose they've both also outside of russia ukrainian side
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done boss done nets thrashed severstal for one and scored in overtime to educate them on minsk in the afghan capital. and football now where a russia continue preparing for friday's crucial world cup qualifier against christian aren't all those portugal here in moscow now this is said to be thought because pelosi biggest test so far as russia manager as his side go up against the group favorites both russia and portugal have won their two matches so far in qualification you get a denise is in the squad despite the fallout from his disputes with zinni after he wanted a bigger salary. is one of the new additions to the set up and the look forward is expecting a tough test on friday night. with the killing is said that we need to kill very well for the upcoming game it's going to be a message that says with a recluse it's
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a real old infamy to be called up to the nation. but it's. just really good to be here. and let's stay with football but switch to the russian premier league spartak moscow as defeats a local rivals says khan moscow and it. was an awful week for the red and whites who also saw their hopes of qualifying for the knockout stages of the champions league take a major blow with a defeat to celtic not richard on poor feet looks at the problems russia's most decorated club is facing and whether they can turn their season around. a season that started with so much hope and expectation on new head coach and my imagery is quickly turning into a nightmare of a sponsor at moscow there is still a long way to go both domestically and in europe but midfielder damages who says his side need to turn things around sooner rather than later sounds as we have good game something less about the problem is that we don't play every time we want to play or how you must play and you cannot display in this league with one or two
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didn't do the job they have to do and if you did all the time didn't you don't get results and that's a problem. the most guys will not play again for two weeks players will be on international duty however does use force were echoed by aiden mcgeady but the irish were also believing spahn tak a struggling to create chances in recent weeks i can't really explain i mean you need to hold him to be to be joe to go on playing them to get over. i mean i think overall to david and play by the obvious that the two groups actually go this and you know we get a little excited half chances after you know some crossties and some shots measure the box no nothing like the spotlight having been held by men for injury list to relieve last a number of key players including romelu who's over the rest of the season and goalkeeper under he did can his missing for a month from a shoulder injury how of them
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a gauge doesn't believe this is an excuse and says morale in the camp isn't great. and it's not good i mean i mean obviously for the one to the. you know in our guys you know. and i would if it isn't you know contention to go right back up the league but. how much force will not change it will just said i don't think i lost course and probably talk about what went wrong with each of you must blessing in disguise i was just having a bit of time off away from the shore where most of them it was always sell or people upset and you know temples. the four. somethings i'll share with. you is what most response time to just seven points hopefully does on g. and when you can squeeze heating side next time out it would revitalize great title hopes with just over a third of the season gone however there is still much work for you know anybody to do you have explored minute drawing get these signs we need as well as sorting out the fame it's been less means
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a tiny conceding eighteen goals and just to live again. which bumpy if we don't see . all right moving on fans hoping to see a showdown between the world's top two golfers this week could be disappointed both tiger woods and rory mcilroy lost their opening matches at the world golf final and thirty now woods lost by one shot to south african charl schwartzel more than are. lost by six shots to the mat for an amazing run of the triple bogey double bogey from the fifteen they eagerly anticipated clash between the good be rendered meaningless the players are scheduled to face each other in the final match of group one on wednesday but defeats in the morning session would mean neither player could reach thursday's semi finals regardless of the result between them. in tennis it's an action packed day for men at the shanghai masters the second round of the tournament sees all the top seeds take into the courts czech talent so
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much burdick is already in action and he has just claimed the opening sets against and it's only six three later on says they serve. well entertained bulgaria's grigor dimitrov. meanwhile the recently crowned u.s. open champion andy murray who prepares to face florian mayer has dismissed all you could end the season as the world's number one. it's almost impossible to finish number one. keep going us about i'm about three thousand points behind novak which is the equivalent of winning here one in paris and winning in london. and him losing in the first run of every turn which isn't going to happen so the number one ranking is not something i'm focusing on just want to try and finish the year as best as possible and and finally let's get back to football in russia where the premier league is taking
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a little break this week gizzi international games and for those who already began to miss it here are all the seventeen goals scored during the latest match day is goals galore enjoy. live . live . live
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. live . live live
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live. and you'll get some states in just a couple of hours meanwhile you might also get more at any time by visiting our youtube channel at our t sports news thank you very much all season thing. wealthy british style inside some. type of. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. download the
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